Another Great year for the Parks Family. The year started with us (that means Irene) looking after two Icedogs and attending lots of hockey games. A trip to Tucson  followed   where we were blessed to be present at Dad's 91st Birthday .

We spent a wonderful summer on  Wabigoon  Lake at Merkle's Camp. Our fifth-wheel found itself parked there a  few  years  back  and  the  darn  thing has refused  to  move ever since.  This  summer  we acquiesced and traded our big gas guzzling truck for a Sebring so the RV gets its way and we get to save on gas.

Fred's toy 

View from our deck at camp 


The fall and early winter have been pretty busy with Irene doing crafts and Supply teaching and the Old Fart teaching computer skills  several days a week.  Mischief ( the cat ) is growing older and doing his best to live down his name; sometimes he even succeeds.

The Strawczynskis ( Oscar & Erin ) are still living in Toronto and enjoying the big city life.  They  both seem to enjoy their professional lives and love the cultural advantages that Toronto offers.

The Desaulniers ( Don & Corri ) have moved from Winnipeg to Stoney Creek as Don accepted a position with a firm in Hamilton.  Corri was fortunate to also secure a position in her field that is close to their new home.  It looked for a while that she would be travelling the QEW every day to Niagara Falls.  She is really enjoying living close to her sister and Dad is looking forward to introducing her to her Hamilton relatives when we visit at Christmas.

From Hamilton we leave for Tucson and the cycle repeats till next year at this time.

Life really sucks when you are retired! There is so little to do!!!!