Pastor's Report 2015



Pastorís Annual Report 2015 (Senior Pastor)


2015 began as all New Yearís do; filled with hope and promise. With our office of the pastor now grown to two active pastors, I enjoyed all the excitement of exploring and expanding Gospel opportunities in our parish and communities. Working with Pastor Miller is a rare blessing and one I hadnít honestly anticipated within my tenure as your pastor. We now have the increased capability of visiting the sick and the shut-ins on a more regular basis. Sharing the weight of the pastoral office has allowed me more time to visit our members as well as people interested in our churches, as well some time for personal care and being able to take my day off with greater regularity. God is good!


Our congregation was involved in all the normal activities that mark our calendar. Our youth retreat took place with Pastor D. J. Kim leading the youth in discussion about Gospel opportunities in difficult places. His ability to do pushups is amazing! Our VBS spread out over 2 weeks between Dryden and Vermilion Bay, but with Shay supporting Pastor Miller I was able to step back for the first time in 10 years. Sports Camp was well received by our community thanks to the hard work of great volunteers, and of course, the Blue Church baseball team was a marvelous addition to our parishís outreach. God gave us a baseball diamond and then put Pastor Miller in place. Itís the way Godís hand works unseen in ways we can only appreciate in hindsight.


There were some changes as Kidís Church was brought to a close after more than a decade of successes. We held a celebration of thanksgiving for all that God was able to do through us, opening childrenís lives to Jesusí story. It was a time to recognize so many volunteers like Dave and Erika Heintzman who contributed so much over the past years to making Kidís Church tick. But this also led to the establishment of Sunday school during worship with a new focus on our members and welcoming young families into our church home. The ability to make this happen is thanks to Shay Miller and Darlene Benhamís organizational skills.


One of the biggest impacts on our parish this past year was Willie Cheslockís death. Our congregations are grieving with Freda and her family, and I canít help reflect on my personal loss of a trusted friend, confidant, and help. My thanks to our board of elders for stepping in to help us through this very difficult time as the work of Christís Church goes on here even as Jesus welcomes His servants home.


The work in our parish continues to be rewarding as God strengthens me to be your pastor. Baptisms, weddings, and funerals continue to be avenues of sharing the grace of God given us. Our worship services where we are fed so richly by Godís Word and Jesusí Body and Blood continue to be the focal point of my work; the starting place for every weekómine and yours. May our Lord continue to bless us in the coming year with grace upon grace as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and His cross that we might always say, ďThanks be to God, who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord!Ē (cf Romans 7:25)


In Christ, Pastor Wood