Area Repeater Map & Approximate Coverage


Image of rainbowbullet.gifCircles indicate approximate coverage using a 50 watt mobile with 5/8 mobile antenna. Again, this is only approximate.

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Blue  -Pinetree Intertie UHF Backbone Red - Controlled through backbone control
Brown - Remote Base (2m link) Coloured Rings - Indicate approximate coverage.


Download the Pinetree Intertie Manual


Repeater Directory

The frequencies in RED are the ones shown on the map.P T I - Pine Tree Intertie, Linking

Pine Tree Intertie, Linking - UHF Backbone

Dryden, ON- VE3DRY 147.255+  linked to PTI
Camp Robinson, ON- VE3VBY 145.310- remote base toVE3DRY
Sioux Lookout, ON- VE3YXL 146.850- linked to PTI
Sioux Narrows, ON- VE3RSN 145.170- linked to PTI
Kenora, ON- VE3LWR 147.030- linked to PTI
BlackHawk, ON- VE3RBK 147.045+ linked to PTI    New Frequency
Falcon Lake, MB- VE4FAL 146.640- linked to PTI
Milner Ridge, MB- VE4MIL 145.210- linked to PTI       
Starbuck, MB- VE4MAN 146.610- linked to PTI        CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
Winnipeg, MB- VE4WPG 147.390+ linked to PTI        CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
Winnipeg, MB- VE4VJ 443.500+ linked to PTI        CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
Portage La Prairie, MB- VE4PLP 147.165+ linked to PTI                   

 IRLP Nodes

Dryden, ON- VA3DIS 147.375+      IRLP  #2739
Ignace, ON- VA3IGN 147.180+      IRLP  #2414    CTCSS  (123.0Hz)
Atikokan, ON- VE3RIB 147.120+      IRLP  #2768
Sioux Narrows, ON- VE3JJA 146.580      IRLP  #2015    CTCSS  (123.0Hz)
Kenora, ON- VE3YQK 146.560      IRLP   #2949   CTCSS  (123.0Hz)
Fort Frances, ON- VE3BIK 146.570      IRLP   #2509    temporarily down
Sioux Lookout, ON- VA3SLT 147.315+      IRLP  #2590    CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
Ear Falls, ON- VA3EOE 146.550      IRLP   #2468    under developement
Thunder Bay, ON- VA3LU      146.820-      IRLP   #2000   CTCSS  (107.2Hz)
Winnipeg, MB- VE4WSC 147.570      IRLP   #1809   CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
Winnipeg, MB- VA4FIL 443.600+      IRLP   #1205 
Pinawa, MB- VA4GD 146.490      IRLP   #1981   CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
St. Andrews, MB- VE4COR 146.580      IRLP   #1121   CTCSS  (127.3Hz)
Utilizing Reflector 9031

Other Repeaters

Dryden, ON- VA3YHD 53.150- ( Under Construction: duplexers)
Dryden, ON- VA3YHD 147.150+ PL tone
Dryden, ON- VE3YHD 444.900+ PL tone
Sioux Narrows, ON- VA3SXN 146.940- Local
Fort Frances, ON- VE3RLC 146.820- Local
Kenora, ON- VE3YQK 146.910- Local
Red Lake, ON- VE3RLD 147.000+ Local
Upsala, ON- VE3UPP 145.470- Remote Base to VE3RIB


Dryden- VE3DRY 144.390 WIDE
Dryden- VA3EOD 144.390  IGATE, WIDE, WX
Dryden- VA3EXT 144.390  IGATE
Sioux Lookout- VE3SLT 144.390  IGATE
Bear Paw- VA3BPL 144.390 WIDE 1
Atikokan- VE3RIB 144.390 WIDE
Atikokan- VE3FYN 144.390 IGATE
Flanders- VE3RIB-2 144.390 WIDE
Sioux Narrows VE3RMU 144.390 WIDE
Sioux Narrows VE3JJA 144.390 IGATE, WIDE, WX
Fort Frances- VE3RLC 144.390 WIDE
Fort Frances- VA3FNP 144.390 IGATE
Fort Frances- VE3BVC 144.390 IGATE
Black Hawk- VE3RBK 144.390 WIDE
Kenora- VE3YQK 144.390 WIDE
Falcon Lake- VE4FAL-3 144.390 WIDE


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