VE3DRY Repeater


VE3DRY has been running since 1989, located 6 miles north of the City of Dryden at an elevation of 1340' above sea level.

Dryden is part of the Pine Tree Intertie System, the west link is to Sioux Narrows and the northeast link is to Sioux Lookout.

The tower is a 96' T-200 Trilon with a Sinclair 210-C4 antenna and 7/8" heliax for the VHF repeater . The top beam antenna is a modified  Larsen YA-1-420, 8 element antenna with added directors to make the 22 element antenna for the UHF link to Sioux Narrows. This link covers a distance of 106 km, with the same 22 element antenna at that end.  The bottom UHF antenna  is a Larsen YA-1-420, 8 element pointed towards Sioux Lookout. Both are fed with 1/2" heliax.

Image of va3ign1.jpg

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